Full List of Roblox Coins Hero Simulator Codes (October 2021)

September 30, 2021

Oh My Crazy Games has released Coins Hero Simulator, a game made exclusively for the Roblox marketplace. The goal is to unlock skills and areas by gathering coins, enhancing them using your skill points, and becoming the hero of the game.

The gameplay

Coins Hero Simulator is a side scrolling game, with the player controlling the hero. The players' goal is to grab all of the coins they can in order to buy skills, multiply them, and unlock brand new areas.

The player must jump onto platforms in order to grab coins. The player can also use skills to reach higher platforms.

There are many different talents in the Roblox Cash Hero Simulator that may assist the player in collecting cash quickly. These range from giving the character a pace increase to even summing up cash that is on-screen.

Roblox Coins Hero Simulator Codes that are currently active

There are two basic types of codes that you may be able to obtain. Permanent ones that are gifted to you as a welcome gift, and those that expire after a while. Some are limited to 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. But all can only be used once. For example, a limit of 50,000 players.

  • 5kCash: Redeem code for 5,000 Gems
  • 10Million: Redeem code for 10 Million Diamonds
  • 5kCash: Redeem code for 5,000 Gems
  • 240kCODE: 7 Spins
  • 230kcode!: 5 Spins
  • likereward1: 2 Spins
  • 110kcodeyay: 5 Spins
  • plus120k!: 4 Spins
  • big130k: 5 Spins
  • ultra140k: 5 Spins
  • letsgo150k: 5 Spins
  • 160ktux: 5 Spins
  • zi170k: free Spins
  • spinner180k: 5 Spins
  • thank220k: 4 Spins
  • 210kCODE!: 5 Spins
  • goal200k: 10 Spins
  • theultra190k: free Spins
  • WeKnow10: Xp Multiplier (New)
  • New2021Year: Crown Multiplier
  • GreatHolidayz: Crown Multiplier
  • DeepSea300: Crown Multiplier
  • Loot5: Crown Multiplier
  • FastLevels2: Crown Multiplier
  • Selectorch200: Crown Multiplier
  • Vastira500: Crown Multiplier
  • HadesBoost: Crown Multiplier
  • Curse300: Crown Multiplier
  • HadesBoost: Crown Multiplier
  • Prometheus400: Crown Multiplier
  • ChosenOne: Xp boost
  • Sails400: 400 crowns as free reward.
  • HalloweenBoost: 24 in-game hours of 1.5x XP and crowns as free reward.
  • WarAges300: 300 crowns as free reward.
  • FishingMaster: 5 in-game hours of double crowns as a free reward.
  • Alchemy200: 200 crowns as a free reward.

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You can get free rewards by playing the Hero Simulator game. Every new season, this game developer provides pet codes for coins to their users. For more information on this, head over to our code list below.

How To Redeem Roblox Coins For Hero Simulator Codes

Codes on this list should be redeemed as soon as possible because they expire.

Redeem Roblox Coins Hero Simulator codes

Entering the game’s many available codes will result in corresponding rewards. These can include, say, diamonds, XP or gems. But some rarer rewards may only be offered every few times the code is redeemed; this is why they are considered rarer. Here’s a list of some recent Coin Hero Simulator uses for these codes:

  • There is no "redeem" or "money" menu option on the Roblox Coins Hero Simulator.
  • Instead, players should be looking for the Twitter icon. On the left-hand side of the main screen, they should see a button that looks like the Twitter logo.
  • When you enter promo codes, you will be redirected to the promotion redemption screen.
  • Paste your code in to receive some extras for your birthday.

If you want to claim the Coins Hero Simulator code, here's what to do: First, download and install the game. It's not too much different from other mobile games. However, the first step is to launch it and choose a nickname for your character.

However, if an error message appears, proceed with caution.There could be several reasons:

  • It is already in use and can only be used once per account.
  • It is sensitive in that it respects the syntax (lowercase, uppercase)
  • Very rarely, a limit of use (a limit such as 50,000 first players).

In conclusion

There are several different abilities that will help players get coins faster in Roblox Coins Hero Simulator. These include giving the character a speed boost, summoning lightning to bring coins down, and even making it so you can pick up more than one coin at once.

It is possible to use diamonds for a variety of different purposes, like upgrading your backpack, buying eggs, and more. However, you need to redeem these codes before they expire or they will be lost.

Codes for the Coins Hero Simulator can be redeemed for free items when using the game. This can be redeemed by generating many gems, that in turn will allow you to move ahead in the game and leave others behind.

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