Among Us Tips And Tricks - Advanced Guide 2021

March 21, 2021

Tired of being murdered and never winning in Among Us? Check out our tips and tricks for the game that took off this year after several famous streamers and YouTubers discovered it. The video game Among Us is currently on everyone's lips... and all the screens. Although its popularity has skyrocketed over the past year, it is not new to the market since it was launched in 2018 by the studio Innersloth. 

The idea is to win at the Wolf Garou but in space by moving in rooms. That way, it sounds a little blurry but promised, it's effortless. Here are some techniques to become the boss of the game for those who are already playing Among Us.

Explanations of the game for new players ground rules

Among Us is played between 4 and 10 players per game. The team is divided into two: the crew members and one to three impostors.

The crew must perform simple tasks around the map or unmask the impostors before being killed by them.

But before taking off, you must prepare the ship by completing several quests that come in the form of mini-games (loading gasoline, activating shields, downloading data, recharging oxygen, etc.). The problem is that among your team is one or more impostors! 

These have no mission and are intended to kill isolated players. They also have different tools to slow down the ship's preparation. As crewmates, complete your missions as soon as possible and unmask the impostors!

The only way for impostors to win the game is to eliminate the majority of the crew members and avoid being unmasked by the rest of the crew.

When a body is found, the player must report it, which will cause everyone to argue and vote for the ejection of suspects or skip the vote if they are uncertain of their choices.

In short, it's a simplified and online murder and mystery game!

Tips for Innocent Crew members In Among Us

There are two ways to win the game when you are an innocent crew member:

  • By completing all the ship's repair missions. The number of these depends on the parameters of your game.
  • By identifying the impostors and excluding them from the ship after a crew vote.

Mastering the Mission Bar

Among Us Mission

Eliminating impostors is an excellent way to win. But the easiest way is to complete all the missions. The green bar at the top-left indicates the general progress of quests and must be monitored. It is, therefore, possible to grill impostors who pretend to make a quest since the bar does not advance. However, be careful, some quests are completed in several parts (electric wires), and only the last step moves the gauge.

Stay in a group

Being able to get killed as soon as you're alone has the knack of creating a little tension among the players. If you want to do your missions (your tasks for bilinguals) in peace, stay in a group with your little friends. It may be anti-gambling, but you don't care.

Remember all the players you meet. 

Do you find a body in a room that another player has just left? There is a huge chance that he is an impostor. Also, remember where the players you meet are. It's much easier to spot each other's lies.

Sabotage can be costly. Don’t panic

some sabotages will rot your life (light, communication) and others, making you lose the game (oxygen alert, reactor alert). Caused by impostors, try to spot motionless players suspiciously and be extra vigilant. Don't ignore the alerts unless you have the last mission of the Among Us. It is impossible to use the meeting buzzer during sabotage, but you can finish the missions and win the game.

Sabotage in Among Us

An impostor can cause sabotage, which can result in death and the end of the game if left unrepaired. Depending on the dynamics of your team, some will rush towards sabotage, and others will continue their tasks. It is a double-edged sword in both situations. If you rush to sabotage, the impostor's strategy may be to kill you on the spot. If you are heading in the opposite direction, colleagues may point the finger at you in the following discussion.

The sabotages included: Overload the reactor (or seismic stabilizers on Polus), turn off the lights, cut off the oxygen, cut off communication, close the doors.

Becoming Sherlock Holmes

Of course, the most critical aspect of being a crewmate is how you handle the discussion period. How it happens depends entirely on what happened before the discussion session and the people you're playing with. Ask the right questions, put the elements together and look for inconsistencies in everyone's speech.

If you're having trouble making an impact on the discussions, here are some quick tips that hopefully will keep you alive:

  • Stop trusting people. Impostors will say anything to survive.
  • Be clear when asked what you're doing. The vague statements will make you doubt.
  • It is normal not to vote if you are not sure who to believe.
  • If you know full well that someone is an impostor, be confident and direct when introducing them to the group.
  • You won't win all the discussions, so don't hold a grudge; each discussion phase is different, you'll defend yourself better at the next.

Impostors cannot perform missions.

If you spot a player performing a mission with a visual indicator (such as the scanner, shield mission, or asteroid fire), then you can clear him.

Watch for visual tasks. 

Visual tasks are tasks that you can see activated when a player does them:

  • Destroying asteroids: The Skeld and Polus
  • Emptying the trash cans: The Skeld
  • Reactivate shields: The Skeld
  • Medical scans: The Skeld, Polus, and MIRA HQ

Although many more experienced hosts choose not to activate visual tasks, some new players keep the option active.

Here's a trick to clear at least one or two colleagues when visual tasks are disabled: if you have the task of the medical scan, and you see another colleague who seems to be doing the task, activate yours too. This task allows you to have only one member at a time on the scan.

So, if he queues you up after him, you'll know he's not an impostor. Your friend can do the same with you if he retires before the end of his scan, and you activate yours right away.

Tips for Imposter In Among Us

Master the map

The first thing to do as an impostor is to learn the cards and, more importantly, the layout of the ducts called "wind" in the game. These winds are a network of fast roads that only the impostor can use. As a result, a skilled killer can kill a crew member and disappear to the other side of the base before the body is discovered.

Master Map

Always have an escape plan in mind before attempting to kill someone. Try to always be briefly visible to the different players before you walk away to kill someone. If you play the loner from the beginning, everyone will instantly assume that you are the killer.

A quick way to move between the rooms and escape the scene of a crime is through ventilation. Be aware of your surroundings; if you run away or appear in front of a teammate, you are cooked!

Aeration vents are great but dangerous tools. These can allow you to move quickly on the map, but they have a little animation when you borrow them. If a player sees you using one, you can be sure that he will report you to the rest of the team. So try to make sure no one's around when you're traveling with it!

Coordinate with other impostors

If you play in a game with more than one impostor, it is possible to coordinate your assassinations without even having to say a word. Between impostors, we must show solidarity and stick together. Use the same strategy explained above, and catch a lone teammate. Two words to one have more weight on the board.

Coordination with imposter is essential

If, however, you are unmasked, once you are a ghost, you can continue to lend a hand to your friend by sabotaging the game. Close doors, lock teammates alone or as a team, trigger alerts. Even in the shape of a ghost, you're a danger!

Have fun! We promise you a lot of fun in a gang using these tips!

Check whether the cameras are activated or not.

Thanks to the small bright red dot, we can immediately see if the cameras are activated. If, in an emergency meeting, someone says, "I saw everything on the cameras" when they were off, it's necessarily suspicious.

Use sabotage to its advantage.

Sabotage is an ingenious way to slow down your teammates and set them a trap. We recall the possible sabotage:

  • Overloading the reactor (or seismic stabilizers on Polus)
  • Turning off the lights
  • Cutting off oxygen
  • Cutting off communication
  • Closing the doors

One of the main advantages of impostors in Among Us is to be able to sabotage parts of the ship. Two types of action are proposed: sabotages that can blow up the ship and the sabotage of electricity greatly reduce the visibility of the crew members.

Impostors can defuse their sabotage! This can be a strategy to gain the trust of other players. Launch sabotage, then go to the place you sabotaged yourself to repair it in the presence of other players. They will then be able to defend you by arguing that you have repaired the sabotage.

Isolate your (future) victims

To kill discreetly, it is necessary to make sure that no one will unmask you. It's also helpful to isolate your target by using the tools at your disposal, including sabotage! Close the door of a room, approach the crewmate doing a task and escape the way you can!

After committing a crime, you have several options. The looser, you quickly escape by the nearest wind. The cheekiest, report the body yourself.

To kill a crewmate, you can also kill when you are several gathered in the same place. It will then be impossible to know who is the impostor, and doubt will hang over the people present, including you.

 If you kill an innocent person, you can report it to other players to sow havoc. Be careful, though, since this strategy works rather little inexperienced players.

Killing a player in the middle of a group can be a solution. If you're grouped in one place, and you kill one, no one will be able to see who did it. This will cast doubt on all the players present (including you!).

In a meeting, be a passive

At meetings, like the beginning of the game, don't be too active. If no one accuses you of anything, let the other members debate. Try to intervene as little as possible. The same thing for the vote: do not vote too quickly and do not hesitate to wait for other players' choice. Thus, you rally to the majority, and you melt into the mass!

If, on the contrary, you are accused from the start of the meeting, do not hesitate to use your most vile arguments and lies. Remember: there are no friends in the game, and it's certainly the trick that will be most useful to you in Among Us!

Unfortunately, each game unfolds differently, and there is no foolproof way to convince someone that you are not an impostor. That being said, here is the guide to consider when talking to the rest of the players:

  • Don't talk too much. Players often attack each other and do not hesitate to eject complete innocents.
  • Instead of charging random player, support who blame the wrong person.
  • Prepare a good alibi for every discussion.
  • Learn enough mini-games on the map to be able to explain consistently what you were supposed to do.
  • Be clear and brief in your answers. The over-explanation of things usually backfires.
  • You can carry over a body you just killed. This can get you out of complicated situations.

Thanks to these Among Us Tips and Tricks, you now have the cards in hand to become a good player and make massacres during your next games of Among Us.

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