Traffic Slam 2 is Magic

Traffic Slam 2

If you feel that you suffer from road rage on a regular basis, then taking it out on people in real life could be quite a costly course of action. It may be safer for everyone and indeed more cost-effective if you decide to vent your driving frustrations in a safe environment that is also extremely fun. One of the main ways that this can be done is to play a flash-based driving game, but it isn’t that often you find one that lets you break all the rules of the road and cause large amounts of unprovoked destruction.

The Traffic Slam series is an exception to the driving game norm in that the aim isn’t to race cars or even drive them with any kind of restrained or control: you simply have to cause as much chaos on the roads as you can possibly manage in 30 seconds before detonating the bomb hidden in your car to go out in style. If this sounds like the kind of gaming concept that could benefit you, then Traffic Slam 2 is already the game of your dreams before you even play it.

Traffic Slam 2 from developer Xform Games has the gameplay mechanics and controls of a traditional driving game. Use the directional arrows to steer the car and make it accelerate, use the shift key to drift, and detonate the explosives you’re packing by pressing the Spacebar. Each round takes place on the same map with the same surroundings but with plenty of avenues and roads to explore, drift on, and generally tear up in the most destructive manner you can think of. Money is earned at the end of each round based on how much destruction you caused to vehicles and objects around you. The destruction of this game is a stark contrast to other car games which instead encourage the prevention of accidents as is the case in Crash Town.

In your 30 second spree of wanton destruction, you will encounter a variety of power-ups which aid your destructive activities in some form or another whilst you drift, turn, and smash your way around the level. Collecting nitro boosts lets you speed up temporarily, whereas shields let you smash into anything with maximum force without exploding before the 30-second timer is up. Other items like flame bursts send out a ring of fire that will cause the surrounding cars to explode without causing you to do so as well. The power-ups are varied but they all have the same purpose which is to aid you in creating as much chaos as you can before the end of the round. You can even control your car once it has exploded, guiding it into surrounding vehicles to get a few more points before the round has ended.

The graphics of the game are fairly impressive for a flash game and the explosive sounds are satisfying, particularly when you manage to cause multiple cars to explode in quick succession.  The one thing that the game feels like it is lacking is the ability to upgrade your car, or perhaps even a shop where you can buy upgrades of increasing power and usefulness which you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find sitting in the street.

However, aside from the lack of upgrades, Traffic Slam 2 has to be a game that will alleviate you of some of your road rage and make you dislike other car and traffic games that don’t allow you to crash and explode your car into the surroundings like many of the destructive games found at It at very least beats sitting in traffic and becoming enraged without being able to do anything about it.