Pony Creator is Magic

Pony Creator

My Little Pony has a place in the hearts of many kids and "former" kids who have followed the series from the 1980s. That being said, why not try your hand at creating a pretty pony? Whether you are a rabid fan girl, an occasional brony, or just someone who likes making avatars, you will not be able to resist turning yourself into an adorable pony slash unicorn slash Pegasus in General Zoi's Pony Creator.

As far as character creators go, Pony Creator is surely considered to be among the creme de la creme. Inspired by the My Little Pony series, the available faces and body options fit in well with the design aesthetic of the series. There are options aplenty for those who are meticulous with their creations, whether be it the variety of available mane and tail choices or the sheer number of possible face combinations. If you happen to be a long time fan of the series, there is even a way for you to import an image to be used as your pony's beauty mark, swanky.

How it All Works

Now, to make your perfect pony, there are three main menu categories you may want to check out. Create gives you all the options to tweak your creature's physical features and offers choices for you to choose a complementary background. The Accessorize menu on the other hand gives you options for outfits in order polish your pony's overall look. Lastly, the Pose menu is where you nudge body parts here and there if you want to add some character to your pony.

Thankfully, everything is pretty much self explanatory. There are no nested drop down menus or the sort, so even if you are a character maker newbie, you should be able to do just fine. Tweaks are made in a snap. Clicking on an item will display the appropriate change smoothly, regardless if you are attaching a mini wing or super huge hair. Although like horns and hats, there are a few troublesome matches that may look awkward, most combinations do display flawlessly so you can really enjoy your time designing.

Getting the Details Right

There are six editable features listed under the Create set. Body covers the Height, Weight, "Buffness" and Head mold of your pony. For Unicorn lovers, there are a set of Horns are present for you to choose from. If you want a Pegasus pony you can forego the horn and opt to pick an appropriate feathery Wing to match its look instead. Or really, go crazy creative if you want and pick one from both sets to make your own interpretation of a dragon, Pegasus, unicorn creature.

Also under the Body category is the Import Cutie Mark option. With this, you can definitely showcase your pony's gift for gab or its love for sparkly stars. Just have a small scale graphic handy for uploading, choose it via the dialogue box that opens and you are done. While the program can be quite picky in terms of the graphic properties considered suitable, the program still gets a thumbs up since the option is available in the first place. What would have been nice is some way to rotate or resize the applied cutie mark. That way, you can ensure that your graphic looks just the way you envisioned it.

To make your pony's look even more unique, you can choose from a variety of Body Patterns and face Markings from the Color set. The actual hue it dons can be changed with the use of the sliders. The default setting gives you the ability alter the brightness and saturation aside from the actual hue. If you are more comfortable just inputting the color's hex code or mixing up your reds, greens and blues, you can simply toggle the Color Editing Options under the Advanced settings.

Customization Meets Cuteness

Under the Eye set, you can choose from several eye shapes and pupil types. Blank stares, round shaped eyes, sad looking expressions and lizard pupils are all possible thanks to the diverse options. The thing we liked the most here is the eyelash toggle. Instead of requiring you to scroll through an extensive list of graphics, you can simply mix it up and toggle the eyelashes on and off to change gender. Expressions are changed in this set as well. Form every expression in the book by combining Upper and Lower eye shapes. The system is quite easy to grasp and the simplistic process cuts down on the tedious parts of the design process. The best part is that you are allowed to resize and rotate whichever eye combination you decide to stick with.

The Face set gives you access to the Mouth, Freckles, Ear and Facial Hair options. Do you happen to like donkeys? A forlorn looking horse? The Ear Up, Ear Down toggle may be just the thing to tie everything together. Sorry bronies, choices are slim in terms of Facial Hair but at least you can match up its top and bottom.

Now if there is any set that makes the Pony Creator shine, it is definitely the Mane and Tail department. With more than a hundred options for each, surely anyone can find a favorite. If you find yourself dissatisfied with single colored hair, you can always choose the Two Color option to give your pony some highlights. Feeling that hippie vibe? Go for the rainbow hair pair and make the Rainbow Ponies proud.

To give your scene some pizzazz, choose one of the seven scenes available in the Background menu. If that is not your thing, just choose the Blank background and pick a suitable color for it.

The second main set in the program, Accessorize offers options to flatter your creature's Head, Body and Legs. Want your pony to have glasses? How about a leaf hat? Just click on a head accessory and choose which shade you want. My Little Pony fans with a flair for Knights, Rangers and other fantasy job classes may want to check out the Outfit, Vest and Cape options for the body. Do you have a soft spot for shoes? Choose two. You can also pick two sets of upper leg accessories for added effect.

Clothes Make the Steed

After you give your pony head turning good looks, accessorize it with royal capes or rugged vests and choose a lovely background, you can then decide on a pose to complement its personality. If you find repositioning and resetting to be a chore, Predefined Poses give you a one-click change, hassle free. For more patient types, the Custom Posing feature gives you the reigns completely. While the latter does sound like fun, too much rotating may leave you with an oddly contorted pony. At any rate, this issue is mentioned in the on-screen instructions and should not pose too much of a problem in general. The game definitely gets kudos for being transparent about its quirks.

All in all, Pony Creator is the best fan-made character creator for the My Little Pony franchise. With its thoughtfully chosen customizations and sheer number of available options, the amount of effort that went through Pony Creator is certainly impressive. Fans of all ages are sure to enjoy designing their very own special pony thanks to the visual assets being true to form. Cycling through the choices show minimal slowdown and the overall design experience is smooth in general, making the experience more enjoyable than not. Sure, the game has a few quirks and the splash page can use a bit of work, but at the core, Pony Creator will give you as accurate a result as you can get to creating your avatar to fit in the ponyverse.