Electric Box 2: A highly innovative and brilliantly-designed tile-based puzzle game

Electric Box 2

Tile You Were Sleeping

Physics lessons in school never seemed to grab my attention enough for me to actually care about what was actually happening at the microscopic level. Even though you’re told that electricity is the flow of electrons from a negative to positive terminal through conductive materials, it was difficult to really see the fun in distinguishing between series and parallel circuits, diodes and resistors, or ohms and amperes. Whether you have a fondness for the physical laws of the universe and their practical application to everyday situations or whether you simply don’t care, Electric Box 2 is a game that will literally spark your interest in solving a series of electrically-charged puzzles using a variety of provided instruments and functional gadgets to challenge your logical mind to its limit. Use light bulbs, fans, kettles, solar panels, and a variety of other instruments to get the power flowing from source to destination in what has to be one of the most sleekly designed tile-based puzzle games I have ever had the privilege of playing.

Charged with Conspiracy to Entertain

You can tell merely from its appearance that Electric Box 2 isn’t your standard puzzle game. The gameplay itself is staggeringly simple with an optional tutorial to ensure that you grasp the basics. All of the brain-busting action takes place on a grid of tiles in a 12 x 12 area, with the aim being to enable the flow of electricity from its source (the power button) to its destination (the atomic symbol), but don’t the ‘point A to point B’ format fool you: there are more challenges and tools to facilitate the completion of them than ever before, and each level takes an increasingly significant quantity of thought to beat. The task always involves taking the objects available to you and placing them at various points on the conductive wires by clicking and dragging with your mouse in order to bring power to the target. It’s unlike any physics lesson you are ever likely to have had, and ten times as fun.

Ample Appliances 

The variety of different objects to make the successful conduction of electricity to your target possible in each level is significant, and is the main source of potential puzzlement for the player. Items range from uni-directional light bulbs to conductive fans and diggers, with each of them only working if certain criteria is filled, such as appliances being connected to active power and receptors like solar panels requiring direct light in order to produce electricity for the wire it is connected to. There is a huge selection of items that you must use as the levels progress and they all lead to the moment of truth when the power is switched on and your successes or failures are revealed.

A Particular Kind of Physics Fun

EB2 is a significant improvement on the original, with graphics and a design that looks far more professional and akin to a flashy physics diagram and not a cartoon-like representation of a circuit. The level designer adds significant replay value to the game, and the number of pre-existing levels has significantly increased, as has their difficulty, making Twinkle Star Games’ Electric Box 2 a success as both a standalone game and as a sequel for returning fans to enjoy.